Whole Health Agriculture

“A Sustainable Agriculture does not deplete soils or people.”

Wendell Berry


Our Vision
Recognition and reward for wholistic farming and food production systems that respect the entire ecosystem.

Our Mission
To promote the concept and practice of wholistic farming systems which enhance the health and wellbeing of soil, plants, animals and people.

We believe our future health depends on the health of the food we produce and eat. With this in mind, Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg) is committed to:

:•  Investigate and document farm management practices that demonstrate low or zero usage of antibiotics and toxic chemicals in the food chain and on the environment

• Champion farmers and growers who use wholistic farming practices and empower them through sharing knowledge and best practice.

•Raise public awareness of the benefits and importance of wholistically produced food.




Having been engaged for many years in the development of alternative agriculture and food systems, we are aware of several underlying and longstanding needs which need to be addressed. These include:

– A need for consistent and effective support within the industry for farmers and growers – conventional and organic – who choose an alternative and/or holistic approach to farm health management

– A need for synergy and coherence within the ‘alternative’ farming movement in the development and practice of ‘whole farm’ or holistic  health management

– A need to identify and explore the success of holistic health approaches to provide a framework for development and knowledge transfer.

– A need to increase public awareness (including within the food & farming sector, the media, and the medical & veterinary professions) about the success and potential of holistic food production to improve our health

We believe that the need to address these problems is urgent because of:  

– The emergence and increase of antimicrobial resistance which is predicted to have a catastrophic impact on our health

–  Efforts to suppress, negate and discredit ‘all things natural, holistic, alternative’ instigated by specific corporations and organisations, often proliferated by the media

– A lack of transparency around food production which denies people the freedom to make informed choices, eg Glyphosate, GM, etc 

We have concluded that in this situation;

a) the failure to recognise holistic livestock health approaches as a valid and valuable strategy is a dereliction of duty on the part of the relevant authorities,


b) a new initiative to bring collaboration, coherence and a robust higher profile is needed to ensure that holistic, whole farm systems fulfil their potential to have a significant and positive impact on farming and public health.


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