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Details the work of 27 farmers, growers and communities putting agroecological principles into action and showing it work economically, socially, and environmentally.

View the report: Agreocology in Action

A major survey of farmers’ attitudes to changes in the Government’s agricultural policy shows that English farmers recognise the need for the environment and animal welfare to be prioritised in future Government policy, and acknowledge the key link between a thriving natural world and successful farming. The in-depth research showed 80% of farmers believe the health of the natural environment is important or very important for their farm business.

View the report: Farmers’ survey

Report on farmer interviews as part of the Food Research Collaboration’s ongoing work on the policy disconnect between farming and human health.

‘What is farming for? An apparently simple question, to which a reasonable answer might be, to produce food. What is food for? To keep us alive – and, by implication, in good health. So another answer to the question ‘What is farming for?’ might be, to produce food that keeps us healthy.’

View the report: Voices from the field

Our food system is responsible for a staggering 30% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. A comprehensive new report from The Landworkers Alliance explains how we can reduce the 30% contribution to Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from farming and food production and help cool the planet.

View the report: Food, Farming and Climate Crisis

We face multiple issues today including a rapidly warming climate, wildlife collapse and the public health implications of poor diets. A new report by the Soil Association identifies what the UK must do to achieve a so-called ‘Green Brexit’ in food and farming.

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