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Whole Health Agriculture’s aim is to change how food is perceived, produced and raised. We want people to begin to ‘join the dots’,  to see that our health CANNOT be separated from the health of the entire ecosystem; – from the air, right down to soil level via everything in-between – it is all CRITICAL to our own health.

Collectively we have all colluded in the demand for cheap food and we are finally waking up to the true cost  – not least in terms of the impact this has had on the mental health and well-being of farmers, most of whom are no longer in touch with the communities that they work to feed. Meanwhile our growing understanding of the gut microbiome,  including that belonging to the soil,  has led us to finally start to see that working against, rather than with, nature is unsustainable. 

We feel that positive, vibrant –  ‘WHOLE’ – health, achieved by consuming food that shares that same vitality, is a right to which we should all have access. As farmers and as consumers we need to come together to achieve this. We have choices so let’s start to choose wisely.  Eating is, after all, a political act!

So, please support us if:

you CARE about the impact your food choices have on farming practice, on animal welfare, on conservation, on the planet;

– you want to see TRANSPARENCY in food production; to know how healthy your food actually is, and to know how and where it was farmed;

– you want to SUPPORT farmers and growers who take a ‘whole-istic’ approach to farming practice, for our collective good health.

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