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We believe that true health is dependent on the health of the food that we eat, which is itself linked to the health of the entire farm and the wider environment.

With this in mind, Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg) is committed to supporting and promoting farmers and farming practices that avoid the input of toxic chemicals, antibiotics and synthetic interventions in the food chain and on the land. 

Our commitments:

  • We will investigate and document farm management practices that are successful in minimising the use of antibiotics and artificial interventions
  • We will promote these practices and facilitate knowledge exchange among farmers
  • We will champion farmers and growers who foster resilient, natural health in their livestock, crops, and land
  • We will work to raise public awareness of the many benefits of food produced with minimal toxicity 

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Eating is a Political Act
Support us if you:

– CARE about the impact your food choices have on farming practice, on animal welfare, on conservation;

– want to eat genuinely healthy food, and to know how and where it was farmed;

– want to SUPPORT farmers and growers who minimise toxicity in our food