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Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg)

Is a community of farmers, health professionals and citizens, dedicated to supporting and promoting those who farm for health and vitality.

We believe that true health is dependent on the health of the food that we eat, which is in itself linked to the health of the whole farm.

Our aim is to help farmers discover and adopt practices that can end reliance on synthetic chemicals, antibiotics and intensive interventions.

You have to join the dots as everything is linked. For true health you have to consider every element of the farm

Sally Wood – Organic Dairy Farmer

Supporting Farmers

We support farmers by signposting alternative solutions to their farm health challenges. 

We know that farmers care about all elements of their farm’s health and are looking for alternative options but they don’t always know where to find information on best practice or support. 

Our wish is for farmers to feel encouraged to farm for health, and to feel supported by the public through recognition of the contribution they make to our collective wellness.

Supporting Citizens

We want to support people to ‘source better and eat better’ by enabling everyone to make informed choices around food and health.

We know that people care where their food comes from, and how it is grown and raised. We aim to help people feel better informed and  better connected to the farms and farmers that feed us.

Our wish is for all people to understand that our own health is linked to the way our food has been produced, so that they can make choices which encourage farming practices that result in vibrant healthy food. 

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At the Wales Real Food & Farming Conference we brought together doctors and farmers (and one doctor-turned-farmer) in a fascinating discussion on health in farming and food, in our session: Managing Health from Farm to Fork.

At the Oxford Real Farming Conference Global this year, we were delighted to present an international panel of researchers, vets and farmers to showcase ground-breaking research in our session: Alternative Approaches to Infectious Livestock Disease.

Underpinning the ethics of WHAg

And, for a deeper dive into the evolution of the agro-ecological movement and the principles that move and shake us at WHAg, read our Chair, Lawrence Woodward’s enlightening essay…..

Making Health Infectious – from organic principles to Whole Health Agriculture.  Read more….

“….we do know there are some things which are likely to be important and which farmers should pay attention to; these revolve around managing the soil and above and below ground livestock through biological system management and not through inputs whether these are synthetic or organic.”

It is vitally important that…….farming delivers the highest quality, best-tasting food, produced without artificial chemicals or genetic modification, and with respect for animal welfare and the environment, while helping to maintain the landscape and rural communities.

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