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An Undeniable Truth: Alternative Health Approaches Work on Farm Animals
Dan & Bull

During 2019-20 Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg) surveyed 221 livestock farmers on their use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine/Methods (CAM) in their livestock health management.

Despite conventional wisdom maintaining that Homeopathy and CAMs either do not work or only work through a placebo effect, this survey reports notable results that CAM approaches help farmers reduce antibiotics and improve herd health, based on measurable data that farmers are required to record.

We hope that these results will inspire farmers and other professionals to consider the potential benefits that CAMs can bring to the health of the farm.

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A brief outline of what Farmers achieve via the use of CAMs on their farm.

Dairy Summary

An overview of the responses of 70 commercial dairy farmers

Full Report

Read the full Alternative Approaches to Livestock Health Survey report

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