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Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg) was formed in 2018 as a company limited by guarantee.  It’s directors are Lawrence Woodward, Jacqueline Pearce-Dickens, Karin Mont, and Chris Aukland. Read more about the team…

WHAg is a community of farmers, health professionals and citizens, dedicated to supporting and promoting those who farm for health and vitality through a whole systems approach. Our aim is to help farmers discover and adopt practices that can end reliance on synthetic chemicals, antibiotics and intensive interventions. We operate as a Not-for-Profit organisation.

We provide training and support services centred on practical farmer-tested, alternative solutions to common livestock health problems. Progressive education for farmers and other professionals is via our member-based Learning Centre which features our flagship Farm Homeopathy Course. 

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Articles written by or featuring WHAg

HPathy Magazine Feb 2022: Use of Complementary Methods is Reducing Antibiotic Use, Vet Costs on UK and Irish Farms

Agroecology Feb 2022: Reflections on results of the WHAg survey – blog by Lawrence Woodward

That’s Farming August 2021: Homeopathic remedies that cattle farmers can use – interview with Dr Chris Aukland

Homeopathy in Practice Spring 2021: WHAg and Homeopathy in Livestock Farming

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