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Farm Health Hub

The Farm Health Hub provides information about alternative health methods & practices that farmers use, such as farm homeopathy, herbal and other holistic remedies.
Via our Learning Centre, we also offer training, ongoing support and community.
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The CAM Directory provides information on various Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)  systems, practices and methods as used by farmers.


The Farmacy offers a range of complementary and alternative, farmer-tested approaches and solutions to livestock and farm health problems. Free access for Learning Centre members.


A valuable resource for reference, the library is evolving and contains research papers, documents, relevant articles, and recommended publications.


Farmers own words on how they achieve success with whole health strategies which include natural medicines and low input wholistic practices.

What Farmers Say

"Why do I use homeopathy? Because it works!
I have someone to help with lambing and there were two remedies which convinced them; one is the E Coli Nosode -if you can pick up the lambs quickly, the ones who are just going watery, one dose and they are alright.
The other remedy is Carbo Veg. When you struggle to get a lamb out and you can't get it to take its first breath, give it Carbo Veg, and it really starts it off.
I think homeopathy is absolutely brilliant"
Conventional Sheep Farmer

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