Meet Dr Antonia Wrigley, Founder of The Real Food Campaign.

Antonia Wrigley
Camping in a rain-swept field in Spring last year, the founders of Whole Health Agriculture seriously questioned their decision to take up the opportunity to collaborate with fellow 'real food' fans.  What on earth had possessed us to agree to camp in blustery April for a start? Nevertheless, as the weekend unfolded we became filled …

Advisors from a cross section of industry have been appointed to support the development of the National Food Strategy

An advisory panel of experts from across agriculture, retail, food manufacture, NGOs and academia has today been named to support the development of the National Food Strategy.  The Advisory Panel is made up of people from across the food system with extensive experience of the issues the review is tackling.

Lead Independent Reviewer, Henry Dimbleby, has asked the panel to review his work as it progresses and to provide strong independent challenge.  The National Food Strategy team wants to ensure that no stone is left unturned and that ideas are examined from every angle.

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Credit: Image – National Food Strategy

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