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CAM Directory

CAM Directory

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), methods and practices are important tools for all farmers. Used responsibly and effectively they help to end reliance on synthetic chemicals, antibiotics and intensive inputs in the food chain and on the land.

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Calendula oil
Essential Oils
Essential oils are plant extracts from fragrant plants and herbs. These oils contain antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory or cell regenerative properties.
Herbs & Plants
Herbs and plants have been used as medicine since livestock were first domesticated; either self-selected from pasture/hedgerows, administered fresh, dry and in tinctures, and/or used topically.
Homeopathy is used by farmers around the world, many of whom report that its responsible use helps them to rely less upon conventional veterinary medicines including antibiotics.
Beneficial micro-organisms are present in a wide range of fermented foods, vinegars and pre and probiotic substances which can promote strong immunity and good gut health, particularly in youngstock.
Observation Methods
Observation based techniques train farmers to observe livestock using preventative methods developed to enhance their health, well-being and welfare.

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